Living and working as an English teacher in China is great. It allows you to experience a new culture, travel, and boost your career in a fun way.  But it also brings in front a unique set of challenges too. For example, China is widely known to put various barriers in place that prevent people from accessing various pieces of content online. This includes blocking specific website that are popularly used abroad, such as Facebook and Google.  These websites might be vital for your work, and also to maintain your communication with friends abroad while you are living in China. To solve this problem, you will need to use a VPN in China, as it enables you visit websites that might otherwise be blocked by China’s “Great Firewall.”

What is a VPN?

Simply put, a VPN is a technology that allows you to surf the web anonymously anywhere you are in the world.  VPN software connects you to a dedicated server, in an alternate location. No one, not even your internet service provider will be able to know what websites you access and so on.

It’s paramount to use a VPN if you want information to be secure at all times.  Hackers and prying eyes are always scouring the web trying to get access to your content. With a dedicated VPN solution, you can avoid that. VPNs make it a lot easier for you to browse securely, and that is very important; especially if you use public Wi-Fi.

Benefits of Using a VPN in China

If you are a teacher that just arrived in China, you may be confused as to why Google and Facebook aren’t working. But there are many services like that which don’t work (even Instagram and Gmail!).  As long as you take your time and find the right VPN solution for you, the entire experience of living in China as a teacher will be better.

China does have it’s own social media network called WeChat, which is used for pretty much everything!  And while you will likely be using WeChat a lot in China, in the end, it’s a very good idea to use a VPN because you will get a to have a much better time!

Here are some of the benefits you have from using a VPN in China:

  • No one will monitor your internet connection. You get to have a complete sense of privacy which is pretty much unseen in the modern world. If you want to stay away from any prying eyes, this is the best option you can focus on for sure.
  • Files can be sent from one peer to another without a problem. It’s a much better option, and in the end, it will work for your benefit!
  • You don’t have to fear about using your Chinese hotel’s connection which is insecure. Even if that connection can be tracked, the VPN will encrypt your info, so no one will be able to access it,
  • You can access restricted websites such as Netflix and Facebook and countless others on the spot.
  • You never have to worry about any censorship or content surveillance in China. You are free to browse in any way you want. China is a bit restrictive when it comes to what content you can access online, but if you use a VPN, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • You get to cloak all your VOIP calls without a problem
  • When you use a VPN solution, your search engine will not log your searches. As a result, no one will ever know that you accessed any piece of content and that works towards your advantage for sure.

In the end, sharing and handling data is a very challenging thing to do with a public connection. Plus, the inability of accessing content that works in your country but which is banned or unusable in China might not be something you like. Thankfully, VPN technology makes your data safer and allows you to access websites as you would in your home country.

Setting Up a VPN in China

Using a VPN in China is not that challenging.  There are many different types of software out there for you to choose from – each with varying levels of technology, speeds, and prices.

While many VPNs have a monthly or yearly fee associated with them, typically the fees are small.  However, there are also a number of free VPN tools as well.  However in our experience, you get what you pay for (and many of the free tools aren’t very reliable).  So it’s really up to you how robust of a VPN you need, and how much you are willing to pay.

Once you have selected your VPN, you simply need to download the tool to your computer and login.  Depending on the type of tool, that may be all you need to do.  You can immediately start browsing the internet as you would back in your home country.

Living and working in China as an English teacher is exciting, but many will tell you that the internet can definitely be a pain.  With a good VPN in China, you get to remove many of these challenges.  And it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

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Enjoy Life With a VPN in China

As you can see, using a VPN in China is imperative. While China can be restrictive when it comes to using the Internet, you don’t have to worry about those restrictions if you’re a foreigner and use a VPN. Having a VPN in China is an ideal way to not just cloak your internet access, but it’s critical in being able to just enjoy your content and maintain a certain level of normalcy while living in China.


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