Wouldn’t we all love a little extra cash?!?!  It’s true — you can refer new teachers to First Leap China and come away with an extra $800 USD cash in your pocket.  But this is more than just a little extra — it’s a pretty nice referral bonus that you could use for all kinds of fun things including a trip to Thailand or a killer shopping spree.

And it’s not just for current teachers at First Leap, but even former teachers who finished their contracts at First Leap can refer new teachers and cash in on this bonus too!

So How Does it Work?

The First Leap Referral bonus is actually pretty easy. We’ve actually partnered with our sister company, Career China, who helps with First Leap recruiting to manage this program. Follow these steps and you could be raking in the extra dough.

(watch the video below / read the post / review the infographic at the bottom!)


Follow the Detailed Steps Below:

1. Visit CareerChina.com/Refer

We’ve actually partnered with our sister company, Career China, to manage this program.  Career China is also under by TAL, and they do much of the recruiting for First Leap as well as other companies.  The first thing you need to do is visit www.careerchina.com/refer to sign up for their referral program.

2. Sign Up Via the Form

Once on that webpage, scroll down and you should see a sign up box.  Input your information to sign up for the program, including an email address that you can check for updates.  It’s also important that you email address is correct so we can contact you when you are eligible to get paid!

3. Generate Your Custom Referral Page Link

Next, click on the “Generate My Referral Page” button and you should be redirected to a CONGRATULATIONS page.  On this page you will see your custom referral link.  That’s the unique aspect to this program, because now you can easily share and track your referrals to this link.

4. Copy Your Link & Spread the Word!

Tell your friends, tell strangers…tell anyone you know about First Leap!  There are loads of people looking for jobs in China and looking to teach abroad, why not share with them your experience and recommend First Leap.  Especially if you had a positive experience, this is a great reason for you to let others know.

  • Tell your friends in person and / or email them this link
  • Share your link on social media
  • Write your own blogs (we know many of you have blogs…why don’t you earn a little side income through it?!?) and include your referral link!

Get Paid Throughout the Process – Up to $800 TOTAL!

Another great aspect about this referral program compared with others is that you don’t have to wait until they arrive in China and complete training to get paid (because that can be many months!).  But instead, you will actually get paid throughout the process!

$50 for an interview
+ $150 for a signed contract / offer
+ $400 for each arrival in China
+ $200 if they complete training & trial period
= $800 TOTAL!

Time to Celebrate!

Have Fun, Share Your Story…Get Paid!

While everyone’s experience may differ, we’re happy to see that so many of our awesome First Leap teachers are truly enjoying their time in China teaching English.  And many of them are excited to share their experience with others and recommend First Leap.

So we wanted to make sure that fellow First Leapers know that they can earn extra cash by sending great new teachers our way.