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This blog is a separate website from our corporate website (firstleapchina.com) to help current and prospective teachers discover more in-depth information about what it’s like to live and work in China as an English teacher.

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Interested in teaching English at First Leap in China?  Well, we understand that seeing a list of Chinese cities may not mean a whole lot to you if you aren’t familiar with China.  So check out the interactive Google map below.  You can see all the First Leap locations in China, and click on each to find more information about these cities.


Stories on the Blog

How to Use the Subway in China

Most expats who move to China to live and work are pleasantly surprised to learn that China has good public transportation, especially compared to the States.  Within China itself, you will find numerous options to get around – including planes, trains, and...

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Steps for Getting a Working Z Visa for China

There’s a lot of information on the internet about how to get a legal Z working visa for China.  Here are First Leap, we want to be sure that our candidates understand the process for getting their proper Z visa for teaching English in China.  Below is a quick...

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Why You Need a VPN in China

Living and working as an English teacher in China is great. It allows you to experience a new culture, travel, and boost your career in a fun way.  But it also brings in front a unique set of challenges too. For example, China is widely known to put various barriers...

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10 Fascinating Chinese New Year Traditions

Most people are familiar with the famous Chinese New Year holiday, but few people actually know about some of the fascinating Chinese New Year Traditions that are associated with this important time of year.  After living and working as English teachers in China, many...

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First Leap China: Teach English & Have Fun Doing It!

Making the decision to move to China to teach English is exciting, but it can also be a little unsettling.  So it’s important to know all about the company you will be teaching for, and how they will be there to support you while you are in China.  This is what...

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