First Leap’s mission is to foster the development of tomorrow’s leaders.  We do this by providing English education to children in China that focuses on building their character, global awareness, and enabling them to practice their English while learning about subjects such as science, drama, art, music, and so much more.  We also believe in combining education with cutting-edge technology, to make the experience not only more enjoyable in and out of the classroom, but to ensure that children in China embrace new technology.

(to see some of our technology in action, check out the video below that highlights our iPad apps that students use to enhance their learning outside the classroom!)

A Member of TAL Education Group, One of the Top Education Brands in China

In 2015, First Leap joined the TAL Education Group family of companies, one of the top education brands in all of China and one of the most valuable education brands.  Through this connection, we are able to accomplish our mission with the support of a leader in China and have a presence on an international stage.  Further, TAL Education Group is not just a leader in China, but with international investors and global partners, TAL actively works to build a better and brighter future by connecting with top educators around the world.

TAL Hosts the Global Education Summit 2017 – in Beijing, China!

One such example of TAL’s global leadership is acting as one of the hosts for the 2017 Global Education Summit happening right now in Beijing, China. This conference welcomes over 200 education and technology leaders from around the world to discuss important issues, and build a better tomorrow for education in China and across the globe.

The stage is set for the Global Education Summit (GES) 2017 in Bejing!

Be sure to check out the GES website for more information about the summit and check out the impressive list of attendees and special guests.  The summit is sure to be an important affair, and we look forward to sharing more about it with all of you on our social channels and here on our First Leap blog.


Together let’s continue to work together to make an impact on the next generation, and build a bright future for all of us.