Making the decision to move to China to teach English is exciting, but it can also be a little unsettling.  So it’s important to know all about the company you will be teaching for, and how they will be there to support you while you are in China.  This is what sets First Leap China apart from other schools.  Not only are we a large, stable company that you can trust, but we provide cutting edge technology as well as a support network to help our teachers have the best time possible while living and teaching English in China.

Stability and Security You Can Trust

The English education industry is exploding across China.  As a result, there are a seemingly unending number of companies that are filling this need.  However, not all of them are ranked equal – from both a learner’s perspective, and especially from a teacher’s perspective.

First Leap was founded in 2009 and is recognized as one of the top 3 brands in the Chinese education industry.  Further, the First Leap China is sub-business unit of TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) Education Group, which is a leader in education across China and is even traded on the NYSE (TAL).  The company is flourishing and expanding across China, with more than 30,000 students!

Being a large, financially stable company is important – especially as international teachers who are looking for a great job teaching English in China.  First Leap prides itself on being a large, established, and well-respected company in China and beyond.

The Most Fun You Will Have Teaching English

First Leap China provides much needed quality after school English training for children aged 2 – 15 in a fun, motivating, and entirely English speaking environment.  The goal is to be sure that the students are enjoying themselves, indulging their curiosity, and becoming confident in using their English.

Rather than teaching English as a subject, we teach different subjects in English, a method based on and incorporating several educational theories.  Students learn through fun and interactive subjects such as music, art, science, sports, and world cultures.

While our local Chinese teachers focus more on the phonics with the students, our international teachers are the key to bringing these concepts to life in a fun and engaging way.  This means you may be doing art projects, conducting science experiments, singing and dancing, and even playing sports or a computer game!

What better way to spend your day teaching and having fun with the kids!

Lastly, all our curriculum is pre-developed and tested. This takes the burden off teachers and makes lesson planning much easier, while maintaining quality education standards. You will know in advance the topics for each class, and all the materials are provided to you, but you may need to come up with some fun activities to help reinforce the concepts.  And you don’t have to worry about a language barrier with the kids, because there is always a Chinese teaching assistant in the room with you to help, when needed.

State-of-the-Art Classrooms and Technology

First Leap China has more than 80 teaching centers in 30+ cities all across China.  Our centers are designed to inspire young learners, as well as making teachers feel comfortable.  From bright and fun colors, to durable floors and kid-friendly accents.  Each center includes reading areas with lots of fun books that can be checked-out and space for activities.

Our classrooms feature smart board technology and projectors, which enable our teachers to present the material in a fun & interactive way…and even add a bit of entertainment to the class!   All classes are limited to just 14 students, and a Chinese teaching assistant who can assist with classroom management and language barriers.

The technology doesn’t end in the classroom.  First Leap China has proprietary apps and online learning technology that the students can use when they are away from school.  These online learning programs and apps let them practice their English in a fun way when they are at home, and their parents can participate too!

Support for our International Teachers

Moving to a foreign country to teach English can be a little scary for some.  But at First Leap China, our international teachers can feel comfortable knowing they are joining a “family” of more than 300 international teachers, and thousands of Chinese co-workers who are always ready to help.

Our goal is to be there to assist our international teachers in every way, from greeting them at the airport when they first arrive in China, assisting them with getting settled into their apartment, helping them adjust to life in China, and providing extensive training to help them succeed in their jobs teaching English in China.

At First Leap China, We Are Like Family

One of the things we hear from our international teachers at First Leap is that they really felt like they came to China having a family.  And that’s exactly how we want it to be.

We are here to support our international teachers in any way that we can to ensure they have the experience of their lives while in China.  And we are also leading the way with technology and innovative classes that let our teachers shine, and make a positive impact on the lives of those little ones who will one day lead the world.

Want to Teach English With a Leader in China?

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